VPI Prime Scout Turntable

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The Prime Scout from VPI is the entry level in the Prime series of turntables.

The Scout is the latest in a long line of turntables bearing the illustrious name  which it more than lives up to. It takes it's visual styling cue from it's critically acclaimed bigger brother 'The Prime'.

The Prime Scout comes with the legendary JMW Memorial 9"uni-pivot arm which will allow most cartridges to be accommodated with ease. We do have some customers who use cartridges in excess of £3000 on this arm without any sense of being over the top.

Prime Scout provides a neutral platform for most cartridges with a sense of timing and musicality that others strive to attain at a much higher cost. This with a relatively easy, low maintenance regime makes for a a truly wonderful package.

This is a factory sealed sealed unit. Please call or email and ask for further information.